Through careful planning you have determined that you need to renovate or expand your facilities. The architect has completed his or her part of the planning process. Now, how are you going to raise the necessary funds?

Are we sure we should do this? Can we do it? Will our donors and the community support this project? How much can we raise for this project? Do we have the leadership required to embark upon a campaign? . . . These and other questions come readily to mind.

A fundraising feasibility study is an important aspect of the planning process. Before embarking upon your capital campaign you must be confident of success. And you want to proceed with your fundraising effort in a manner that is specific to your institution or organization, and to your fundraising project.

As with all services that we provide, Richard R. Blain & Associates will“tailor” your feasibility study to your needs, circumstances and institutional or organizational culture.

Whether you are planning to build a new facility, renovate existing facilities or build your endowment, allow us to assist with your planning process.


Your organization is committed to reaching its goals and we're committed to helping you!